No-Code HubSpot Apps

Plug & play apps that don't require coding.

Say hello to easy-to-use HubSpot Apps that require zero coding knowledge.

<Times are a-changing>

Here's to a bright future. We've taken what we've learned from working with HubSpot for 10+ years and hundreds of customers and decided this was the year to start making HubSpot better, one app at a time. 

Building Apps on HubSpot

HubDB Resources App

Every marketer wants (and needs) a flexible resource library.

If there's one thing we've learned from building 1,000+ HubSpot websites—marketers really love to showcase their resources. So, why the heck not start there? Introducing BoldStack's first HubSpot App - HubDB Resources. It's a flexible resource app that allows you to add, remove and sort your resources without touching one line of code. 

hubdb resources app editor