Hey Sales Manager - make sales contests a "win-win" with the HubSpot CRM SPIF App


Say goodbye to manual calculations and reward your team easily. (automagically)

Getting your SPIF contests up and running has never been easier. Simply give your contest a name, set some basic contest criteria, add eligible team members and publish. Watch how easy it is for Dylan, with a few clicks of a button, to create a HubSpot CRM SPIF contest. 

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Built for HubSpot CRM (rockstars)

If you are using HubSpot CRM then you know how easy it is to get up and running—but what about running a sales SPIF contest? Not so easy. Introducing a new way to deploy multiple contests with ease. Get your sales team laser-focused on winning SPIF contests and achieve your numbers based on how well they compete against each other.  

Track your top performers

With your SPIFs App natively integrated with your HubSpot CRM, you can track the performance of your team members in real-time as they close deals. Watch as they continue to climb the leaderboards!


Inspire your team

Part of your role is to develop good salespeople into great salespeople. Sometimes adding SPIFs, games, and competition to the mix is just the motivation someone needs to become great.

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